There’s More Than Just Sports

A lot of the time I see parents guiding their sons to go into sports or something that’s a “boy” thing to do.  However, I think it’s totally up to the kid.  Sometimes boys are more into arts and crafts or music but are pushed into playing hockey or basketball.  I think it’s completely acceptable for a boy to do anything he feels like doing.  If your son wants to learn ballet?  Go for it.  If he’s into piano or painting, get him into lessons for those.  It shouldn’t matter what your kid’s gender is – whatever makes them happy should be the most important thing for them.  And keeping them happy should be the most important thing for YOU.

And let me tell you one thing – whoever said that ballet isn’t a sport just hasn’t had the guts to try it.  It’s extremely hard and probably puts you in the best shape possible.  I know a boy who’s tried it and he’s better than all the other athletes I know.



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