Developing The Artist In Your Child

Many boys find that art at a young age helps them express themselves like nothing else could.  Now art doesn’t necessarily mean painting or drawing.  It can also include music, dance, and writing.  I’ve found that once your child finds something that they enjoy doing, like writing for example, that you should encourage them to further develop their talent.  Classes are a great idea and after school and weekend activities may also help for developing the inner artist in your child.  My son really enjoys painting so I’ve enrolled him in art classes on the weekends.  Each week, his art teacher assigns him either a picture or a simple structure, like a fruit bowl or plant, that he must learn to draw and present back the next week.  She will then explain and further encourage him to correct his mistakes and help him learn how to view these structures through an artist’s perspective.  During the summers, we will let him paint the insides of our house or garage for practice and fun.  Now, I must say that he’s currently not as good as professional Interior, exterior, house and commercial painters, but he definitely tries his best.  He’s getting more into abstract art so our basement is turning into a rainbow of colours.


We encourage our son to develop his inner artists by letting him paint the interior walls of our basement.  We basically let him paint whatever he likes.  Then every couple months or so we obviously have to reset the colour of our walls.  We generally find a Recommended painting company in GTA, and they paint our walls white to reset the canvas for our son.  It’s a great bonding experience for us as parents and we love that he’s able to express himself with our full support.  We believe that it is important to support your children in whatever endeavors they pursue, and encouragement is the best form of parenting.


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