Cost of Building A Soccer Dome

No matter why you are considering building a soccer dome, cost is likely one of the major factors influencing your decision. It is important to get the right structure for your needs, of course, but it is also essential to maintain a reasonable budget. To help set you on the right path and provide you with as much information as possible, here are some of the things you can expect in regards to the cost of building a soccer dome:

soccer dome

Location of the Land

The land you want to build the dome on does play a role in the overall cost. Ideally, you will have the support of your local government and community. In addition, the size of the land will influence the cost of the soccer dome. If you want a larger dome, you will need a larger plot of land available! Larger domes tend to cost a little more, simply because they require more material and manpower to build.

Playing Turf

If you want to have a quality playing surface with Farley’s dome for soccer, you are going to need to invest in turf, as well as professional team to install it correctly. This is essential because the playing fields tend to take a lot of abuse. If you want the field to last as long as possible, you need the turf and the appropriate installation—it is the base of your investment.

Soccer Dome Structure

The good thing about the cost of building a soccer dome with Farley is the package you can work out. You can get a lot done in one place, which helps to maintain a reasonable budget than if you bought everything separately. With a soccer dome package, you will have things such as the flame resistant fabric for the dome itself, as well as the emergency exit doors, pedestrian airlock, interior lighting system, et cetera. To put it simply, you will obtain everything you need in order to build a soccer dome—all in one fell swoop.


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