Getting Over the Fear of Cycling With a Bike Trailer

I’ve always envied those cyclists who pedal around town with a cargo trailer in tow. The notion of eschewing my GHG-spewing car and running errands on a bike really appeals to me (at least in the warmer months). But I also find it a tad (read: very) intimidating, especially when it comes to busy roads with no designated bike lane.

With the weather warming up nicely, I’ve decided this is the year I’ll seriously look into cycling with a bike trailer. I was further inspired when I learned there’s a bike trailer manufacturer right here in town, since I’ve become one of those people who goes on and on about buying local (check out Wicycle’s bike trailer for a visual).

So here’s what I’m calling the newbie’s guide to cycling with a bike trailer: links to resources written by people who know a lot more on the subject than I do.

  • Top 5 Tips for Cycling With a Child Trailer: Bikeablejo’s blog post was my starting point for learning about cycling with a trailer. Her advice on manoeuvring is particularly important — the physics of towing a trailer are pretty different from cycling alone.
  • How to Attach a Bike Trailer to a Bike: One of the biggest fears going into this venture is that the trailer will somehow detach mid-flight, putting myself and everyone else on the road at risk (not to mention embarrassing me to death).
  • How to Secure Your Trailer Load for Transit: This tackles the second major fear I have, which is losing my cargo. Though the article pertains to motorbike trailers, the tips are equally applicable to bicycle trailers.
  • REI’s Guide on How to Choose Bike Trailers: I’ve used REI’s resources in the past, when I was in the market for a tent and camping knapsack. This article covers the three main types of trailers (child and pet trailers in addition to the aforementioned cargo trailers), and rather than suggesting specific models, it gives advice on what to look for when choosing one for yourself. I’ll go ahead and give another shout out to Wike — they’re local, and one of the only manufacturers still building in Canada. Check out Wicycle’s bike trailer.

So that’s my starting point. All I need now is courage. Wish me luck!

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Can Sports Help People Experiencing Depression?

Depression is a unique experience for each person, but some things are common from person to person. One of these is a feeling of listlessness. Things that used to give you amusement and a sense of joy no longer have the same positive effect. You get more enjoyment from just lying in bed. Consequently, the amount of physical activity the person experiences drops considerably.

That is bad not only for their physical health, but also their mental well-being. When we engage in physical activity, our brains generate serotonin, the so-called “feel good” chemical. Have you finished an intense workout and felt wonderful afterward? That’s serotonin at work. However, you don’t need to take part in hardcore exercise to benefit. Even just getting out there for a few minutes each day can help.

Solitary exercise, such as walking, is fine for people with depression. However, if they feel up to it, sports can be an even greater aid. Going out for, and participating in, team sports means that the person is getting out of their home and engaging in at least moderate socialization. People with depression often isolate themselves and that defense mechanism can actually make their sadness seem worse.

If the depressed person can persuade themselves to give a sporting activity a try, they may find they rather enjoy it. Thus, they not only reap the benefits of serotonin, but also develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence. These can not only encourage them to come out again, but also perhaps try other things their sadness has caused them to shun.

Not every sport is right for everyone, of course. Thus, inevitably, some individuals with depression will try a sport and then quit. However, it is hoped that they can be encouraged to keep right on trying until they find the one that works for them.

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Cost of Building A Soccer Dome

No matter why you are considering building a soccer dome, cost is likely one of the major factors influencing your decision. It is important to get the right structure for your needs, of course, but it is also essential to maintain a reasonable budget. To help set you on the right path and provide you with as much information as possible, here are some of the things you can expect in regards to the cost of building a soccer dome:

soccer dome

Location of the Land

The land you want to build the dome on does play a role in the overall cost. Ideally, you will have the support of your local government and community. In addition, the size of the land will influence the cost of the soccer dome. If you want a larger dome, you will need a larger plot of land available! Larger domes tend to cost a little more, simply because they require more material and manpower to build.

Playing Turf

If you want to have a quality playing surface with Farley’s dome for soccer, you are going to need to invest in turf, as well as professional team to install it correctly. This is essential because the playing fields tend to take a lot of abuse. If you want the field to last as long as possible, you need the turf and the appropriate installation—it is the base of your investment.

Soccer Dome Structure

The good thing about the cost of building a soccer dome with Farley is the package you can work out. You can get a lot done in one place, which helps to maintain a reasonable budget than if you bought everything separately. With a soccer dome package, you will have things such as the flame resistant fabric for the dome itself, as well as the emergency exit doors, pedestrian airlock, interior lighting system, et cetera. To put it simply, you will obtain everything you need in order to build a soccer dome—all in one fell swoop.

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Depression in Sports

One of the worst things about chronic depression is the knowledge that few people understand what you are going through. How many times have you had someone tell you to just “get up and keep going.” If you have been in the throes of depression, you know all too well just how difficult it is to simply function on a day-to-day basis. Keeping going is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest with no gear or preparation.

A strange paradox with depression is that you both hate human contact and long for it. The people you can connect with the best are others going through the same hell you are, but you would rather hang out with “normal” people because maybe their “normalness” will rub off on you. The trouble is, when you are feeling down, you can’t help but compare yourself to others. It’s a losing game in which you will always come up short. I have had many a day when I was feeling a bit better quickly go south because of someone unintentionally reminding me of all the areas in life where I am currently falling short.

Choosing a therapist can be daunting. I have found that it is best to go for three appointments. By that point, you will know how comfortable and open you are with the person; those are two key areas in a successful therapeutic relationship. Never, and I mean never, continue seeing a therapist when the two of you do not have a rapport or the therapist’s views are not in line with your own. There is nothing wrong with a therapist challenging you, but there has to be some common ground. For example, if you are bisexual, seeing a therapist who does not believe bisexuality exists will certainly not help you.

Fortunately, there are some very good, open-minded therapists out there who can help to get you back on track. Most recently, a friend had a very good therapeutic experience with this service, and regularly sees a therapist there. Good luck!

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Developing The Artist In Your Child

Many boys find that art at a young age helps them express themselves like nothing else could.  Now art doesn’t necessarily mean painting or drawing.  It can also include music, dance, and writing.  I’ve found that once your child finds something that they enjoy doing, like writing for example, that you should encourage them to further develop their talent.  Classes are a great idea and after school and weekend activities may also help for developing the inner artist in your child.  My son really enjoys painting so I’ve enrolled him in art classes on the weekends.  Each week, his art teacher assigns him either a picture or a simple structure, like a fruit bowl or plant, that he must learn to draw and present back the next week.  She will then explain and further encourage him to correct his mistakes and help him learn how to view these structures through an artist’s perspective.  During the summers, we will let him paint the insides of our house or garage for practice and fun.  Now, I must say that he’s currently not as good as professional Interior, exterior, house and commercial painters, but he definitely tries his best.  He’s getting more into abstract art so our basement is turning into a rainbow of colours.


We encourage our son to develop his inner artists by letting him paint the interior walls of our basement.  We basically let him paint whatever he likes.  Then every couple months or so we obviously have to reset the colour of our walls.  We generally find a Recommended painting company in GTA, and they paint our walls white to reset the canvas for our son.  It’s a great bonding experience for us as parents and we love that he’s able to express himself with our full support.  We believe that it is important to support your children in whatever endeavors they pursue, and encouragement is the best form of parenting.

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There’s More Than Just Sports

A lot of the time I see parents guiding their sons to go into sports or something that’s a “boy” thing to do.  However, I think it’s totally up to the kid.  Sometimes boys are more into arts and crafts or music but are pushed into playing hockey or basketball.  I think it’s completely acceptable for a boy to do anything he feels like doing.  If your son wants to learn ballet?  Go for it.  If he’s into piano or painting, get him into lessons for those.  It shouldn’t matter what your kid’s gender is – whatever makes them happy should be the most important thing for them.  And keeping them happy should be the most important thing for YOU.

And let me tell you one thing – whoever said that ballet isn’t a sport just hasn’t had the guts to try it.  It’s extremely hard and probably puts you in the best shape possible.  I know a boy who’s tried it and he’s better than all the other athletes I know.


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